Life and adventures in The Hedge. Because you NEED an alligator in the backyard

About The Hedge

Welcome to The Hedge

The Hedge is a strange place. A small oasis in the middle of civilization.

I decided to live in The Hedge because it was walking distance to shopping and parks. It was smack dab in the center of town.

However the brochures failed to mention a few things. You know, the 11 foot alligator in the back yard for starters. The pack of rabid raccoons under the neighbor’s porch. The stray cats following my dog. The fact the cats would get to play with a panther cub. The giant grasshoppers. And the vultures. I’m sure I left out a few other residents here.

Needless to say life in the Hedge this past year has been very unpredictable.

Life goes on and so do the adventures in the Hedge…


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