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The cat ate my to-do list


Thankfully, Summer is my slow season. I can adjust my schedule to adapt to a child with a crazy schedule. Work weird hours.

Since insurance is slow right now, I have grand ideas of catching up on other things. Getting websites streamlined. Setting up a new website and creating other income streams.

Each of these things in reality should take less than a full work week to get set up and then a few hours a week to maintain.

That is in the ideal world. The real world works so much differently.

My 5 hour stretch to work gets derailed by small things. A bill comes in and needs to be paid, which means I need to balance my checkbook.

Instead of just dropping off my child I get sucked into a 20 conversation. A dear friend calls in need.

By the time I get back to the to-do list – I can’t find it.

Literally, this week it was missing. I made the mistake of letting the list hit the floor and leaving the house. I returned to confetti. Kallie Kat has a passion for paper. Normally it is reserved for receipts from Target for an item I want to return. I will find ¾ of a slip of paper…the rest has been shredded or ingested. Really, pets make life interesting.

This week for the first time, my list was the victim. It wouldn’t be too bad if I recalled everything on the list…but my almost 45 year old brain tends to forget things. Add in the hot flashes of the past few weeks and if it isn’t written down it isn’t happening.

I have struggled to reconstruct the list this week. I believe I managed to recall over a period of days what was on the list. This morning I happened upon something due for July 1st. Thankfully, we are still in June. So the project was cranked out at 8am this morning.

But I am starting to feel like the cats are out to sabotage my efforts to make summer productive. They inhabit my lap when I choose to work. When I am deep in concentration they decide it is time for a romp through the house. With a townhouse, it sounds like a pair of baby elephants are running about.

I hope that I can accomplish something this summer…hey I wrote this today…despite the invasion of a raccoon….oh life is wild this summer.