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Welcome to the Hedge

Today you get to join me in the hedge!

The Hedge is a place where anything can happen.

To we are in grasshopper stomping season. Yesterday we discovered that grasshoppers had begun to hatch here in the hedge.

These are not you normal happy hop through the grass hoppers.

OH NO! These are the grow into mammoth grasshoppers that crunch under your tires grasshoppers. They were everywhere last year. Staring at us with their creepy eyes.

even worse they would be hopping around with only 3 legs. I have yet to research this part. I don’t know if it is part of mating or what but like 1/ 2 of these critters were running around missing a back leg.

I am not looking forward to the return of these mammoth creatures. I hate bugs to start with but a 4 inch grasshopper is just creepy. Hundreds of them hanging out is downright freaky. 

Right now they are these tiny black critters. I sent my daughter out to do the “cricket dance” – squash as many grasshoppers as possible. A neighbor said we might be able to reduce the population with a lawn treatment…

Off to Wal-Mart to find something to battle the critters while they are young so I don’t have to run them all over when they’re bigger than a toy poodle.